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Pull Request Walkthrough

Changes to pulpcore are submitted via GitHub Pull Requests (PR) to the pulp git repository . Plugin git repositories are listed in the plugin table.


  1. Add functional tests or unit tests where appropriate and ensure tests are passing on the CI.
  2. Add a CHANGES entry <changelog-update>.
  3. Update relevent {doc}documentation. Please build the docs to test!
  4. Rebase and squash to a single commit.
  5. Write an excellent commit-message. Make sure you reference and link to the issue.
  6. Push your branch to your fork and open a Pull request across forks.
  7. If the change requires a corresponding change in pulp-cli, open a PR against the pulp-cli or {doc}file an issue</bugs-features>.


Before a pull request can be merged, the tests must pass and it must be reviewed. We encourage you to reach out to the developers to get speedy review.

To Cherry-Pick or Not

If you are fixing a bug that should also be backported to another branch than main, add the backport label, .e.g backport-3.18. PR authors can also add or remove this label if they have write access.