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Upload and Manage Content

Content can be added to a repository not only by synchronizing from a remote source but also by uploading the files directly into Pulp.

Create a repository

If you don't already have a repository, create one.

# Start by creating a new repository named "foo":
pulp python repository create --name foo

Repository GET response:

   "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/python/python/8fbb24ee-dc91-44f4-a6ee-beec60aa542d/",
   "pulp_created": "2021-03-09T04:11:54.347921Z",
   "versions_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/python/python/8fbb24ee-dc91-44f4-a6ee-beec60aa542d/versions/",
   "pulp_labels": {},
   "latest_version_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/python/python/8fbb24ee-dc91-44f4-a6ee-beec60aa542d/versions/0/",
   "name": "foo",
   "description": null,
   "remote": null

Upload a file to Pulp

Each artifact in Pulp represents a file. They can be created during sync or created manually by uploading a file.

# Get a Python package or choose your own
curl -O
export PKG="shelf-reader-0.1.tar.gz"

# Upload it to Pulp
pulp python content upload --relative-path "$PKG" --file "$PKG"

Content Upload response:

  "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/content/python/packages/f226894b-daa9-4152-9a04-595979ea5f9b/",
  "pulp_created": "2021-03-09T04:47:13.066911Z",
  "artifact": "/pulp/api/v3/artifacts/532b6318-add2-4208-ac1b-d6d37a39a97f/",
  "filename": "shelf-reader-0.1.tar.gz",
  "packagetype": "sdist",
  "name": "shelf-reader",
  "version": "0.1",
  "metadata_version": "1.1",
  "summary": "Make sure your collections are in call number order.",
  "description": "too long to read"
  "keywords": "",
  "home_page": "",
  "download_url": "",
  "author": "Austin Macdonald",
  "author_email": "",
  "maintainer": "",
  "maintainer_email": "",
  "license": "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991",
  "requires_python": "",
  "project_url": "",
  "platform": "",
  "supported_platform": "",
  "requires_dist": "[]",
  "provides_dist": "[]",
  "obsoletes_dist": "[]",
  "requires_external": "[]",
  "classifiers": "[]"

Add content to a repository

Once there is a content unit, it can be added and removed from repositories using the add and remove commands

# Add created PythonPackage content to repository
pulp python repository content add --repository foo --filename "shelf-reader-0.1.tar.gz"

# After the task is complete, it gives us a new repository version
pulp python repository version show --repository foo

Repository Version Show Response (after task complete):

    "base_version": null,
    "content_summary": {
        "added": {
            "python.python": {
                "count": 1,
                "href": "/pulp/api/v3/content/python/packages/?repository_version_added=/pulp/api/v3/repositories/python/python/931109d3-db86-4933-bf1d-45b4d4216d5d/versions/1/"
        "present": {
            "python.python": {
                "count": 1,
                "href": "/pulp/api/v3/content/python/packages/?repository_version=/pulp/api/v3/repositories/python/python/931109d3-db86-4933-bf1d-45b4d4216d5d/versions/1/"
        "removed": {}
    "number": 1,
    "pulp_created": "2020-05-28T21:04:54.403979Z",
    "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/python/python/931109d3-db86-4933-bf1d-45b4d4216d5d/versions/1/"